23th of March,2015  NYC

Firsts and Mondays.
World wide committer’s choice for a good day to commit.
It’s human nature to sense wrong.To try to improve. To tend to procrastinate.

As I’d surfed the waters of depression and absence of accomplishments (I would even sadly say real purpose in life), I’d dived into some analysing:
Where did I go wrong?
How did all the prospect of a bright future get lost?
How did I become this person I am so not proud of?
Bad circumstances?
Bad choices?
Went through denial, so oftenly blamed it on others,wich just led to additional anger and despair,on a vicious cycle of  darkness and unproductivity.                              Just plain sting all around.

Monday morning.
On this morning I plead guilty as charged.
For the results of my choices and actions. For the lack of commitment to myself, to what i believed, and to what I desired.
For all the charges above and perhaps for others yet to be discovered.
Both of us.
My inability to commit and I.
Guity as charged.

Today a midlife crisis ends.
Today “the rest of my life” takes over and inaugurates with commitment.
Commitment to commit.

Today is also a first.
The first day of a year long project.
I intend to make a commitment a day.
I am excited.
It will be a year of collecting the essence from the waste and prepping it towards great usage.
I’ll be keeping a journey diary. Looking forward to share it.

Day One:

Today I commit to commit .To myself,and to my beloveds. To our health, dignity, honor and prosperity.
Today I commit to a step a day towards the best we could possibly be**.

**”accepting the things I can not change and courageously changing the ones I can…”